Sunday, May 16, 2010

'The Politics of Jesus' speaks to realities of faith and the world

The Rev. Dr. Obery Hendricks took part in an interview with The Center for American Progress during 2007.

The Politics of Jesus was written by the Rev. Dr. Obery Hendricks Jr., a professor at the New York Theological Seminary. It was released by Double Day, New York, in 2006.

In Politics, Dr. Hendricks speaks to the Christ of this world, who wants for human justice; the physical, psychological and spiritual care of people; and understands and resides side-by-side with those who struggle against poverty and oppression. That God is among us in our pain is made clear by Dr. Hendricks. In Politics, Hendricks speaks to difficult topics that people are sometimes reticent to bring up.

In Dr. Hendricks' book, Jesus is not seen through the lens of the privileged, dressed in a robe of sunlight. Rather, Jesus is the Christ of is of flesh, blood and spirit; who is man and God seeking to return humanity to the kingdom through justice and the human revolution of the heart.

The Politics of Jesus speaks to issues of race and class; economic warfare; and the physical needs of our brothers and sisters (of every background) in the context of the word of God.

Inevitably, in examining the ministry of Jesus Christ, politics and human interaction and relations it becomes a matter of the political. And, this book not only acknowledges it but takes it on full-speed, in a scholarly but realistic way.

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