Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Florida church seeks to begin 'Int'l Burn A Quran Day'

The Dove World Outreach Center, in Gainesville, Florida, is planning to institute "International Burn A Quran Day" during the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks.

This proposed event would reportedly also coincide with an Islamic holiday, known as "Eid al-Fitr." El al-Fitr is reported to be a feast day at the conclusion of the Ramadan fast. This initiative by the Dove World Outreach Center is, according to some, adding to the controversy surrounding a proposed mosque being considered for construction nearby the site of the Sept. 11th attacks.

The New York Theological Seminary is an institution dedicated to teaching religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue.

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  1. hi this is lennart and i believe islam is of the devil