Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid al-Azha is what Muslims do when they cannot go to Hajj

Eid al-Azha is an annual festival within Islam. It is celebrated in the last month of the Mulsim calendar, during Zul Hijja. Muslims gather from around the world to celebrate Hajj during the month of Zul Hijja.

To celebrate Eid al-Azha is to take part in a day of solidarity. Only a relatively few Muslims would be able to travel to Mecca and perform Hajj by making a pilgrimage. Everyone else takes part in Eid al-Azha wherever they live. Eid al-Azha is a day of sacrifice.

Muslims make symbolic sacrifices on this day. It is important to know that Hajj and its practices are symbolic re-enactments of acts performed by the family of Abraham. Abraham was the father of Ishmael, and his mother was Hajira.

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