Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ehrich: One size doesn't fit all in church life

According to Tom Ehrich, of The Presbyterian Outlook, one challenge in nurturing a "multichannel church" is to ban "one-size-fits-all" thinking. This is especially true where it involves the diversity that is important in communications. Ehrich examines how people receive messages and adapt accordingly.

As a means of examining the ways people accept information, Ehrich discusses the ways people obtain their news: while some use newspapers and television, yet others use the Internet or radio. In addition, he notes that an ad in the New York Times might reach some of us but not others of us.

The New York Theological Seminary is an institution dedicated to multiculturalism, diversity, social justice and religious tolerance. The mission of the seminary is to prepare men and women, from every background, for careers in ministry.

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