Saturday, June 12, 2010

Central Jersey group: 'Stop endless war now'

Exclusive for NYTS Dialogues

The Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War is an eight-year-old group that has been protesting U.S. involvement in the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively. On Saturday, June 12th, a handful of the coalition's 20 active members protested these wars at the intersection of Route 27 and South Adelaide Avenue, in Highland Park, as they have for eight years, according to coalition member Dorothy Schwartz, of Piscataway.

"People in the group come from around the Central Jersey area," Ms. Schwartz said. "I think the thing we all have in common is that we each have faith for the future, in a world without war and where there is peace." After she said that, Ms. Schwartz wondered if that remark was enough to represent the whole group. However, East Brunswick resident and fellow member Jim Fusco assured her "that's perfect."

Coalition members held up their signs to passing cars. Some cars honked in support while other motorists called out hawkish opinions like "Nuke Iran!" Nevertheless, the coalition's members continued to lobby for peace.

The day's group from the coalition included not only Ms. Schwartz and Mr. Fusco, but also: Dr. Sandra Atickes, New Brunswick; Dave Hancock, Roselle; Bernice Rosen, New Brunswick; and Paula Antebi, Highland Park.

The protest concluded after a reading of a some of the newest among the list of dead service members from the wars, read from a Blackberry by Dr. Atickes.

Far from being opposed to the interests of American service members, coalition protesters said the best way possible to support the armed forces is for the United States to depart the region, ensuring an end to military and civilian casualties.

As the group was breaking up for the day, around 1 p.m., Ms. Schwartz announced that the coalition's next meeting would take place in New Brunswick, at the Friends Meeting House, at the intersection of McHale and Nichol, at the Douglas Campus, on June 27th at 5 p.m.    -- Story and Photos by Jim Purcell

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