Thursday, June 3, 2010

Religion Link: Religion, the Environment and BP

According to Religion Link, the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is becoming both an environmental and social disaster. As this ecological catastrophe continues, national soul-searching is being sparked where it involves energy needs and preserving our natural resources.

Additionally, according to ABC News, with five-times more oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico than originally projected, British Petroleum is scrambling to find answers about how to stem the leak.


  1. I would have to agree on the articles main issue with creation care proponents and those who side with the apocalypse/end of the world theory. This has been an ongoing debate, since creation care, although biblically founded, tends to side with a kingdom on earth approach, which goes against the belief of the end of the world. This is not only a debate on care of the earth, but on if evangelicals, or christians in general, believe what the bible states about the end of the world.

  2. God gave us the responsibility to take care of the creation. We also have a responsibility to take care of each other. Being good stewards of God's creation involves finding balance between the two. We need oil to live in today's world. But we need to acquire it safely.

  3. If we look at the surface issue, which is the oil problem, I agree. But there are some deep rooted issues in how we have come to rely. Yes, it is a necessity. We cannot do much without it.

    Yet we have grown all too comfortable to look at why we rely, if it is necessary, and what changes can we make to help the earth as well as ourselves and future generations.

  4. There doesn't seem to be many alternatives to oil currently available. More resources need to be committed to developing alternatives to oil. Hopefully that will come. Peace.