Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 2011 Urban Angel Awards Gala will be held on April 5, 2011

The New York Theological Seminary will be hosting its 2011 Urban Angels Awards Gala on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 from g-9:30 p.m. at the Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway and 36th Street, in Manhattan. Awardees for the evening will be: the Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, senior pastor of the Grace Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, NY; the Family Equality Council; the Rev. Dr. Paul C. Chang, senior pastor of the Korean Methodist Church and Institute; Rosanna Rosado, publisher and CEO of El Diario; and Haitian-born public interest attorney Marie Michel.

Co-chairs for the event will be Dr. William Lee and Ms. Susan K. Reed. Past honorees include, among others, the Hon. Hazel Dukes, from the NAACP New York State Conference; and Mrs. Maria Elena Girone, from the Puerto Rican Family Institute.


  1. Mythology Urban angel award.

    According to news reports, New York Theological Seminary has chosen Rev. Chul Woo Chang of Korean United Methodist Church as a recipient of the Urban Angel Award. Our concern in this case is if NYTS driving her the wrong way in a deviant Korean direction.

    It is questionable for us what moral or religious criteria New York Theological Seminary used to select
    Rev. Chul Woo Chang, as one of the honored recipient of “Urban angel award.”

    But some church members question about Rev. Chang’s candidacy because his moral character seems to be irrelevant to the ideas of Urban Angel Award.

    Rev. Chul Woo Chang is a close associate of
    the former pastor Rev, Won Tae Cha 치원태 of this church. He had been moonlighting as a professor at NYTS nearly 10 years while neglecting his own ministry and
    creating the financial chaos his church. It is questionable how much your seminary students were brainwashed bt his deviant poisonous teachings or his moral instincts?

    In this occasion, we would like to suggest
    You to review his and his associate’s moral qualities which could adversely affect to the image of NYTS in religious or moral aspects.

    It is imperative that the clergies and seminary educators should maintain a higher moral standard than that of other leaders in this troubled times. There should be no Korean exception for NYTS.

    Rev. Cha’s ministry had been destructive to this church and the images of Korean immigrant community involving financial, moral scandals with church mobs. His aim at this church was how to abuse the church fund, even ruining the building extension plan of the church with the aid of Columbia University.

    His ministry had been morally disrespectable in bad faith disgraced this historic church, victimizing the innocent members as the attempted mass murders and placing them at a trial with the full jury at the New York State Supreme Court, Nassau county. He wasted the church money for this fake, evil tricks .

    Eventually Bishop Earnest Lyght fired him in 2000.
    a) But his journalist friends always there to help him as usual. Thus, after he lost his position, he could broadcast periodically his deceptive poisonous messages to the poor souls through on Radio Soul.

    Some of the Korean journalists act as if advertising agencies but for social justice.

    Yale trained Rev. Sung Soo Hahn 한성수 and Drew trained Rev. Chul Wood Chang 장철우 served for this church. As they all politically affiliated with UMC political leaders, they all continued to cover up the scandal ridden ministry initiated by Rev. Cha’s group. Now even the bishop Jeremiah J. Park seems to be in the realm.

    On July 15, 2007, the church council passed a resolution to audit the church finances from 2000 to trace the jackpot ways and arrest the thieves. At the resolution, Rev. Chul Woo Chang stated he would do it. But, after wards, he is blocking the critical official audit to date against the pastoral conscience and the church rules in order to cover Rev. Won Tae Cha initiated scandals. The NYS Attorney General's office partly investigated and advised the trustees to recover the stolen money. Yet they all in unison are covering up the scandals to date against the will of the church. Someday, some day, this stink bomb will go off.

    The miondul church officers could ask the attorney general to re-investigate the abuses to recover the stolen money..

    It is questionable if your Seminary trustees were fully informed about the kind of Rev. Chang’s moral characteristics.
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    18 Sep 2010 ... His Albany cleanup campaign could help us
    soon. ... Young So Kim, Steven H. Park

    9. Immigration and the Governor's Race WNYC, Sept 27, 2010

  2. The student body of the seminary should investigate the spirit of "Urban angel award" administration that would seriously affect the honor of the seminary. If any award mistakenly given to the unequaled can date, every concerned member of the seminary should be alarmed about the wounds. Thus, we let the seminary could maintain her integrity according to the teachings of Christ.

    This group virtually formed a stinky dirty church
    Tsunami stream to wash away the innocent victims
    From the church scene as if their clergy dirt.
    Let us keep our church Jesus clean. Please review the attached message. Thank you very much.

  3. 대뉴욕복음화 대회에 기도요청


    이야기는 한국 Christian위선자들이 사기선교하는 방법의 이야기랍니다 할렐루야 대뉴욕복음화대회의 기도를바랍니다

    차 원태 목사는 누구와법정소송 Korean Church bathtub
    lawsuit 싸움있었을 때, 차 원태 목사의 통역 Mr. Pyun Sun Whan 에 의하면, 그것 bathtub 이 200 만 Dollars가치가 된다고 차원태 목사는 증언한, 통역을 했다고요

    1932s 한국 애국가 작곡가가, IK Tae Ahn는roomed in the church dormitory. 그교회 안에서 살면서목욕하고 한국 국민의 국가를 작곡하았습니다

    차 원태 목사는 누구가 그보물을 훔쳤나 알려주시기 바랍니다 The
    Owner is Korean Methodist Church and Institute, 한국 박물관 에 보존가능성이있습니다
    Since his appointment, Rev. Cha group conspired to purge the elders and church officers, and assaulted Choir conductor and destroyed the church system. Eventually they hijacked it and have stolen the church assets, bathtub, etc. Rev. won tae cha group with the church money filed three 3 lawsuits against the innocent family, even charging his father and his beloved son as attempted mass murderers, greatly damaging them financially and emotionally through the trials for the three fake lawsuits, especially for the fake mass murder case. Are these Korean clergies Christians?

    During 1990s, the church renovation time, Rev. Won Tae Cha was informed by the trustees that the valuable antique cast iron historic bathtub should be preserved. But Rev. Cha informed the trustees that it was thrown way by the workers. The trustees thought it was lost forever.
    However now Rev. Won Tae Cha’s lawsuit (2000s)) for the bathtub evidenced that this historic item exists, may be in his own possession.

    For this historic church crimes and sins, Rev. Won Tae Cha, Rev. Sung Soo Hahn, Rev. Chul Woo Chang, brainwashed mobs, even Bishop Jeremiah J. Park and even Bishop Hee Soo Jung are largely responsible fostering their mass murder plots cheating Jesus, demonizing the innocents, without faithfully correcting the anti Christian ministries for over 20 years. How can you honor fake mass murder plotters, such as fake Columbia MBA Steve H. Park, Fake M.D. Sophie David, CUNY, Sei Chun, and Elders Dr. C. Kim? Dr Young Bin Choo, etc. Jesus said, “‘my house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it ‘a den of robbers. Mat 21; 13. They created a den of Korean clergy robbers. Let us ask Rev. Won Tae Cha return the antique bathtub to the owner if he believes in God
    These clergies and members owe a public apology for their malicious brutal harassment to my beloved wife, my beloved son, me and all Christians. All Christians ought to try to recover this historic antique bathtub in honor of our Christian history in America and honor of our Korean heritage in faith. .Let our Christians find the national treasure for our posterities!!
    God bless you all in Christ, .Chae S. Sone Csone@optonline.net
    Please demand their assistances; Council of Korean
    Churches: nybkcg.gmail.com,
    Mr. Obama; on Web mail screen, Mr. Cuomo; on Web main screen,
    Churchesnybkcg.gmail.com,Bishop J.J. Pak bishop@nyac.com,
    Rev. Won Tae Cha wcrokmc @yahoo.com,Rev. Chul Woo Chang chang.kmci@gmail.com,
    Read more on Website by googling
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