Thursday, December 2, 2010

Former archbishop launches 'Not Ashamed' initiative with help from friends

According to the former archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, Christianity is under attack in Great Britain. The former archbishop said that, despite its contributions to our civilization, the Christian faith is "stealthily and subtly" being brushed aside.

Consequently, Rev. Carey is leading a new initiative, called "Not Ashamed," by the group Christian Concern. He launched this initiative with appearances at the House of Lords, Buckingham Palace and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Christian Concern encourages people to wear crosses and "Not Ashamed" buttons to promote the campaign. In addition, the group fights what it sees as discrimination against Christians.

The New York Theological Seminary is an institution dedicated to diversity, multiculturalism, social justice and religious tolerance. The mission of the seminary is to prepare men and women, from every background, for careers in ministry.

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