Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baptists plan for 2011 GDVA Winter Games in Garden State

American Baptists in the Garden State are planning the 2011 GDVA Winter Games, tentatively scheduled for March 18-19 in Palmyra, New Jersey. According to event planners, "The 2011 GDVA Winter Games are a first step in connecting people together simply to enjoy some fun activities and connect with others while participating."

Individual events being planned include: Wii swordfighting, Wii ski jump, Wii Slalom, Wii Home-Run Derby and Wii Frisbee Toss to Dog, among others. There will be an invitation to congregations, who can be represented by up to two contestants. The 2011 GDVA Winter Games are being chaired by the Rev. Wesley Allen, who can be contacted on Twitter @wezlo.

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