Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christian aid workers killed in Hindu Kush mountains by Taliban

Christian aid workers traveling in the Hindu Kush mountains were murdered on Aug. 5th by Taliban gunmen.
Ten Christian aid workers who belonged to the International Assistance Mission were murdered in the mountains of Afghanistan on Aug. 5th by several men, described to be members of the Taliban.

One team member did survive the ambush. International Assistance Mission has operated within Afghanistan for 44 years, and was doing so with the permission of the Taliban. The driver for the ambushed team said the group was traveling through the Hindu Kush mountains when the gunmen stopped the team's vehicles, lined up the team members and began to execute them. The driver's life was reportedly spared after he shouted allegiance to Allah.

The Taliban reportedly murdered the medical aid workers because they were handing out Bibles written in Dari, the local language, according to IAM Executive Director Dirk Frans, who denied the Taliban claim.

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