Friday, August 27, 2010

Episcopal church invites dogs to services at Perfect Paws Ministry

Do good dogs go to heaven? Ask their owners and you'll get an enthusiastic affirmation. But, at Calvary Episcopal Church, in Danvers, Mass., they go one step further in their Perfect Paws Ministry, as "well-mannered, leashed dogs are invited" to a special pet service on the third Sunday of every month.

The pet service includes communion for people and a special blessing upon the pets. Calvary Episcopal Church's pet ministry is the brainchild of the Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas.

She noted that owners' commitment to their pets transcends simply caring for animals and, in that love, demonstrates caring for the world entrusted to mankind. During services, Rev. Keith-Lucas said, barking isn't banned and, while the celebration is Christian, the ministry invites interfaith participants.

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