Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Commission paves way for a new Muslim center near WTC site

A group is attempting to build a Muslim community center within blocks of the 9/11 attacks, in Lower Manhattan.
The New York City Landmarks Commission recently denied "historic status" to a building constructed in the 19th century nearby the site of the World Trade Center attacks. By doing this, the commission has cleared the way for a group seeking to build a 15-story Muslim community center.

The new community center is expected to be named the Cordoba House, in honor of the medieval Spanish city where Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in peace and tolerance for nearly a millennium. The developers of this project are hoping to build a center that encourages peace, diversity, and reconciliation between people.

While the project has many supporters, it also has many detractors who criticize the construction of a Muslim community center so close to where the attacks took place.

During the Sept. 11th attacks, many faculty members and students from the New York Theological Seminary assisted with the effort in Lower Manhattan. Likewise, volunteers from NYTS served for long periods of time during the period after the attacks.

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