Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baseball ministry plays ball, feeds villagers, distributes Bibles

The FCA Baseball Ministry conducted a 10-day mission to the Dominican Republic, using sports to spread its message.
Atlanta's FCA Baseball Ministry recently conducted a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to bring the organization's baseball-specific mission there on behalf of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

FCA uses the common bond and love for baseball to influence athletes and coaches. FCA operates various initiatives throughout the city of Atlanta, the state of Georgia and within the Dominican Republic.

FCA helps provide for both physical needs and spiritual healing through evangelism. Consequently the ministry seeks to equip local athletes and coaches to become missionaries. According to FCA, interest in the mission has been great from baseball and softball players.

During its 10-day July trip to the Dominican Republic, FCA was able to provide food to feed five impoverished villages for a week's time and distributed 700 Bibles to villagers.

The New York Theological Seminary prepares men and women for a wide variety of ministries, geared to providing for the physical and spiritual needs of a wide array of people. NYTS is dedicated to inclusiveness and diversity as part of its mission.

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