Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Miners become Christians since experiencing underground ordeal

In Santiago, Chile, two miners accepted Jesus Christ while trapped 2,300 feet below the earth for more than two months. Chilean mining Minister Laurence Goldborne said, Oct. 11th, that 33 miners trapped will likely be freed by the next day.

Since being trapped underground in a mine, the miners have been ministered to by Bernadino Morales, director of the Baptist Union's Social Testimony Network, on the request of Jose Henriquez, leader of the group below. When their world literally came crashing down around them Henriquez, and two others, were Christian. However, in the wake of the ordeal, a total of five of the miners will be re-emerging as believers.

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  1. I guess you don't consider Catholics as "Christians" because many of the miners are Catholic Christians.