Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chinese pastor and wife murdered at historic Chinese church

In Penglai, China, a Chinese pastor and his wife, who served at the Penglai Christian Church, were killed on Aug. 31, allegedly by a 40-year-old former church member.

Pastor Qin Jia Ye and his wife, Hong En He, both in their 80s, were reportedly murdered where Lottie Moon, an icon of Southern Baptist mission work, served during the early 20th century. The Penglai Christian Church had been closed for almost a half-century after the Communist government came to power at the close of World War II. However, the church reopened in 1988 with 20 members.

During his assignment in China, Pastor Qin reported 300 baptisms several years in a row, and today the church is 3,600-members strong. Sadly, newspaper accounts report Pastor Qin and his wife were murdered in the church office, with an axe. Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright lamented the passing of Pastor Qin and his wife. He said, "We are incredibly saddened by this tragic event, but we know [the Lord's faithful servants are] with him forever in Heaven."

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