Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Orleans churches 'bury' Hurricane Katrina five years later

According to New Orleans Catholic Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond, a Mass and interfaith service held at the St. Louis Cathedral not only marked the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, but an end to the storm.

Archbishop Aymond said, "Five years later, we remember the unwelcome visit of Katrina, but we have to put her to rest." The Mass was celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Prompt Succor and took place in the wake of a Katrina "funeral" a day before.

A Katrina casket was filled with personal prayers and notes from residents of New Orleans and closed, to the cheers and applause of celebrants. Aymond said that, this weekend, New Orleans buried Katrina. He concluded that "she has cause many deaths. We will not forget her, but she is buried."

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