Friday, September 24, 2010

Community of St. Peter faces possible sanctions from diocese

In Cleveland, there is a newly-formed Catholic community, led by the Rev. Robert Marrone, which is at odds with Bishop Richard Lennon and its diocese.

The community is angered over Lennon closing its church, St. Peter in downtown Cleveland. Subsequently, the group conducted its first Mass at a storefront on Aug. 15, wherein about 350 congregants gathered. Since that time, each Sunday has been standing-room-only.

Meanwhile, Bishop Lennon said this is a matter of "grave concern." Bishop Lennon noted that leaders of the breakaway Catholic community face possible excommunication for not adhering to directions from the diocese. Bishop Lennon insists closure of the group's 151-year-old church was necessary and wants to meet with Rev. Marrone and the community's leaders. St. Peter leaders have, likewise, expressed interest in such a meeting. However, the sides have yet to agree on terms of a meeting.

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